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Air Tightness Testing

Air Tightness Testing

We offer you a specialist, nationwide, air tightness testing and consultation service for domestic dwellings and large extensions under the new Part L1A Building Regulations Nationwide .

Air leakage can occur through a variety of areas such as gaps, holes and cracks in the fabric of the building’s envelope which are not always visible.

This air leakage affects the building's performance and comfortability. Constructing a building substantially air tight reduces the amount of fuel needed to heat it.

To pass an air leakage test, a dwelling must achieve a minimum standard air permeability result of 10. The figure of 10 is quite high in terms of air permeability and ideally all buildings should be able to achieve a figure of 5 based on good working practices.

The air permeability target figure is calculated within the SAP/SBEM calculation at design stage and this figure or lower needs to be achieved to enable the building to be compliant. If the figure is not achieved a retest would need to be conducted again once remedial works have taken place.

Don’t forget to check the following prior to the test:

  • All surfaces (walls, floors, ceilings) should be complete with no voids or gaps
  • Windows & doors are installed, complete and closed
  • Cornice & skirting boards are all fixed in place and sealed to all edges
  • All light fittings, power/telephone/aerial sockets & switches are fitted
  • All mechanical ventilation systems to be isolated
  • Drain traps should be filled

Make certain there are no gaps around:

  • Windows, sills, doors & frames
  • Pipes (waste & supply) - kitchen, utility, bathroom, boiler room, radiators, airing
  • Cupboard & en-suites
  • Loft hatches
  • Extraction units
  • Ceiling & wall joints at the eaves
  • Electrical sockets & fittings - walls & ceilings (should be fitted and in place prior to test)
  • Partition junctions, particularly with external walls or ceiling

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